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Disneyland ticket prices go up as much as 8%, with parking rising 20%

Disneyland admission prices are going up 3% to 8%, plus extra for the highest demand days.

Mammoth Mountain to open two weeks early thanks to October snow

Mammoth Mountain will open Halloween weekend, following a storm that is expected to dump up to two 2 feet of snow in the area next week.

Can TSA vaccinate enough screeners before the Thanksgiving travel rush?

Only 60% of TSA employees are vaccinated against COVID-19. It could mean trouble for Thanksgiving travelers.

Column: Hertz refused to let facts get in the way of an unwarranted late fee

An L.A. man can prove he was on a plane awaiting takeoff when Hertz says he returned his rental car. Nevertheless, Hertz imposed a late fee.

Surviving a nighttime visitor and other beginner backpacking adventures on Santa Rosa Island

After hiking 10 miles across Santa Rosa Island, we just wanted to sleep. That's when we heard noises in the dark.

Nick Goldberg: The jerk next to me on the plane wouldn't wear a mask. Here's why I didn't do anything.

I asked him to mask up and enlisted a flight attendant, but I settled for 11 hours next to a nitwit rule-breaking anti-masker.

Halloween is near! Add these 16 L.A. activities to your spooky season checklist

Here's our list of Halloween and DAa de Los Muertos events happening in the Los Angeles area.

California state park with ties to racist past will now be called by Indigenous name

The name change is the first of its kind for a California park, part of a broad effort to identify and rectify derogatory names attached to state parks and transportation systems, officials said.

'Let's go foraging.' Learn how to forage like a pro on this Central Coast tour

Distiller and forager Eric Olson leads "wildcrafting" outings in search of botanicals in San Luis Obispo County.

We gave you 40 places to visit in California this fall. You had opinions

Readers contribute their own suggestions of destinations indoor and out for fun outings.

Nicholas Goldberg: Airports to passengers: Do it yourself

My first trip overseas since the pandemic offered a stark reminder of how workers are being replaced by robots and automation.

This cruise ship had an infamous coronavirus outbreak. Now, it's set to sail again

As the cruise ship industry tries to turn a corner on the pandemic, the Grand Princess will depart from the Port of L.A. on Saturday.

What places are missing from our California fall list?

We picked 40 experiences in California great for fall. What activity did we leave off our list?

Column One: Hiking Mt. Whitney is tough. With a spinal cord injury, it's an endless suffer-fest

After a spinal cord injury left him paralyzed, Jack Ryan Greener centered his life on a quest to hike Mt. Whitney. When the time came to try, the quest proved perilous.

Yosemite's early climbers made their own gear for dangerous ascents. New museum shows how they did it

A modest building outside the park holds the history of Yosemite's climbing greats

Airfares are lower than usual right now a but prices won't stay down for long

COVID-19 has thwarted the expected return of business travel and pushed flight prices down a for now. Holiday travel bookings are already on the rise.

Halt, hikers and campers: Closures extended at 4 national forests ringing L.A.

The four national forests that surround Los Angeles a Los Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino and Cleveland a will remain closed at least through Sept. 22 as a measure to prevent fires, according to a Forest Service order posted Tuesday.

U.S. Forest Service to reopen all but 5 of California's national forests

The U.S. Forest Service announced Tuesday that all but five California national forests closed in late August will reopen two days early.

Retiring its racist name, historic Squaw Valley resort will become Palisades Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe-area ski resort Squaw Valley is adopting a new name after weighing criticisms that 'squaw' is a sexist slur against Indigenous women.

Why renting a car will be a pain until at least 2022

An ongoing chip shortage has reduced new car inventory, resulting in a rental car shortage that has made travel more difficult and more expensive. Expect a rental car that might be older -- if you can find one at all.

I hiked the 38.5-mile Trans-Catalina Trail so you'll know what to expect

This 38-mile island walk through Catalina is tough, but its wildness will captivate you.

Wait times at Disneyland and Universal Studios are way down. Here's why

Good news for theme park fans: Wait times have dropped at Disneyland and California Adventure Park compared with before the pandemic.

Meet overlanding, the love child of off-roading and #vanlife

Eager to escape claustrophobic pandemic life and take advantage of newly remote jobs, increasing numbers of Americans are taking to remote places in rugged vehicles that are also homes.

Summer superbloom? Showy flowers pop in Mojave Desert

Monsoonal rains in selected areas brought color to areas of the high desert

14 hacks to safely hike in the L.A. heat

Hiking in Southern California means knowing how to plan and dress for high temperatures

Californians will pay highest gas prices ever for Labor Day weekend

Drivers in California are expected to pay an average of $4.39 per gallon -- the highest price ever for Labor Day weekend.

Where the locals go: An insider tour of Santa Barbara with surfer-artist DJ Javier

Artist and designer DJ Javier has been designing merch and murals around Santa Barbara. His confidence comes from being a hometown guy.

Fires have closed California forests, roads. These hacks can save your Labor Day plans

The U.S. Forest Service announced it will close almost all of California's national forests this week as wildfires continue to rage. This is how it could affect travel plans over the holiday weekend.

Forest Service officials confirm all California national forests to temporarily close

All of California's national forests will temporarily be closed, officials with the Forest Service confirmed Monday.

Airplane food is back, but it's not like you remember

Premium meals are back on the menu at the nation's airlines after they pared back offerings for COVID-19 safety. Expect a different dining experience.

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